Sea stacks of Sant’Andrea

Beach and rocks

The power of nature, sculpturing the Sea stacks of Sant’Andrea.

The Sea stacks of Sant’Andrea | ita: Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea | is a location sited in Torre San’Andrea, which is a village on the Adriatic Coastline, part of the Marine Areas of Melendugno.

Indeed, they are quite close to Lecce city, but also to some other beautiful natural points of interests.

Going towards Otranto, the Sea stacks of Sant’Andrea | ita: Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea | are located a bit further down the Two Sisters Beach | ita: la Spiaggi delle Due Sorelle | of Torre dell’Orso and the Poetry Cave | ita: Grotta della Poesia | located in Roca Vecchia.

So, in some hours it’s very easy to visit three of the most amazing wonders of nature.

At the Sea stacks of Sant’Andrea | ita: Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea | there’s a sandy sea bed and the clear water is surely, one of the most clean and enjoyable in the whole coastline.

The white sea stacks, that stand out in that wonderful sea, are dyeing by gold during the sunset.

Incredibly, the sea and the wind sculptured the rocks, making the elements which compose the Sea stacks of Sant’Andrea.

Then, Puglia Region is a very romantic place.

A part of this rocks combination, is called “The lovers arch”, where the lovers spend their time, admiring the beauty of the landscape during the sunset.

This area is completely accessible and the nature is absolutely uncontaminated.

Bathing here is a great experience. And if you’re a photography lover, then, this is the right place to shoot probably some of your best pics!

Actually there’s no a proper Authority that is taking care of the area.

Just in case you need help, please contact the Melendugno Municipality right by the contact area below.

Sea stacks of Sant'Andrea | 73026 Melendugno (LE)