Puglia for Instagram Lovers
Published: April202021

Puglia for Instagram Lovers

The best Puglia highlights

Influencers, travel bloggers, and Instagram lovers, that’s for you: here is a guide to surprise your followers with some of the best Puglia highlights!

This is our selection, but remember that Puglia always gives surprises. While you’re traveling through Puglia, you’re going to find out a lot of many other charming places to shot and carve in your memory!

Costa dei Trulli Ripagnola

Costa dei Trulli Ripagnola reveals all the colors of Puglia: the yellow mixed with the brown of the field blends with the green color of some sapling. Together with the intense blue of the sea in the distance and the blue of the clear sky. Here we have a potential painting… or your next photoshoot! 

The #NoFilter hashtag here is respected: no need for color correction! You will be able to see these typical Apulian buildings scattered here and there in the ground.

Saint Nicholas Jetty in Bari

This is one of the places where you find the true essence of the city, even the inhabitants of Bari and the Apulians love to take pictures of it. 

The best time to go to N’ dèrr’a la lanze, as we locals call it, is in the morning when the fishermen return from the sea and you can take a chance to taste raw fish.  The most wanted shot? People who hold and eat mussels, squid, and raw octopus curls, with the waterfront behind as landscape. 

By the way, if you’re curious to read more about the Saint Nicholas Jetty or you are staying in Bari right now, this is a Bari city one-day tour with a lot of suggestions by us.

Polignano a Mare

This town is loved by thousands of tourists every year. Here nature and town blend in a harmonious, but at the same time, breathtaking way. 

Getting to the Polignano a Mare old town, you can lose yourself in the small streets that lead to the bright view of the sea. Once you reach the large balconies, lean against the railing, strike a natural pose looking towards the blue, and lose yourself in the embrace between sea and sky!

Abbey of San Vito and Domenico Modugno statue

Moving away from the center of Polignano a Mare, you find the famous statue dedicated to the Italian singer Domenico Modugno, born in Polignano. You can ironically imitate his happy look, with open arms immersed in the blue painted blue, as one of his world-famous songs says.  

Far from the city center murmur, there is a small quiet corner named San Vito, a district where only the sound of waves keeps company. Here is the suggestive and imposing Abbey of San Vito, facing the sea.

Siponto Basilica

Where once stood the Medieval Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, now there is a wire mesh one, built nowadays. It is a complex but very neat weave that unfolds with arches, columns, and all the typical structures of the original time architecture

The best time to visit the Siponto Basilica, and take a breathtaking photo, is at sunset. The different shades of light increase the structure size, making it come to life in its thickness. 

The center of the entrance can be the perfect spot for a shot for every #Instatraveller. All the surrounding area is filled with history and ancient structures: definitely a place worth the visit! 

Otranto – Bauxite Cave

The colors of nature are the right background for your photo in this corner near Otranto. The best pictures portray the protagonists with their eyes turned towards the lake located inside a natural Bauxite cave. 

This particular material gives an unusual color to the whole landscape, wrapping it in warm tones. Here you feel like being in the middle of canyons: you can photograph yourself while you are coming out of a rock corner or sitting on the edge of one of them.  We recommend a spring or summer day, where the clear sky brings out all the shades  and you can forget the saturation adjustment of the colors in the photo

Poetry Cave

Visiting Puglia is perfect during all seasons, but in summer, its hidden places come to life. Once you arrive at the Poetry Cave • Grotta della Poesia: it seems like you’re not going to dive into the sea but in a natural pool.  Its round shape makes it an unusual place where you can take a dip in the deep waters of Salento. This place is not far from the Baroque heart of Lecce and the enchanting Otranto. Record yourself while you try a brave (but safe) jump in this crystal clear water from the high cliffs overlooking the sea.

Trabucchi on Gargano promontory

The best time to capture this wonderful place in a photo is at sunset. Nowadays, some of these weird structures are home to very exclusive bars, perfect to have a rich aperitif, but in the past, they were used by local fishermen. 

To reach one of these Trabucchi, you have to arrive on the beach: for some places, you have to leave your car and go by foot, as they are immersed in pristine nature reserves. A rare shot!

Celle di San Vito 

This little village is the smallest in Puglia, it is special also for another reason: here two languages are still spoken by some of the 150 inhabitants, Italian and Franco-provençal.

The small village of Celle di San Vito is full of flowers, colors, and ancient streets. In the main center of this small town, you can snap breathtaking pictures, looking at panoramas on the balconies that allow you to have a unique and beautiful view of nature under your feet.

An unforgettable journey awaits you in one of the most vibrant and colorful regions of Italy. Just remember to live the moment: you’ll have time to choose hashtags and share all your Puglia highlights on Instagram!

We just have to wish you to enjoy your trip to Puglia and take the best pictures ever!

Please, leave your comments below or contact us from the contact form to know more about these places or to customize a tour for you!

Ps: Remember that you find the section “Your Connections” all the comments or messages you send us, although you can “like” your favorite places and find them in the “Your Faves” section.


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