The Cummerse of Locorotondo

The Cummerse of Locorotondo

Typical dwellings with pitched roof

A place where time seems to have stopped, where you can experience the magical atmosphere of the Itria Valley: is Locorotondo, one of the most beautiful villages in Puglia.

Characteristic of Locorotondo are the Cummerse, houses with sloping roofs covered with chiancarelle.

Do you want to take a look at those abodes? Scroll down this article!

How the Cummerse of Locorotondo were born

Locorotondo is an evocative place for its round shape (its name derives from the Latin “Loco” place and “Rotondo” rounded) and the Cummerse, houses with roofs covered with chiancarelle (the subsoil of this area is rich with it).

The name Cummerse derives from the Latin “cum vertice” for the conformation of the roof.

The Cummerse are built with a technique similar to that used to make Trulli. According to research, they date back to 1300 AD: older than Trulli, could you imagine?

The pitched roof of the Cummerse was used to collect rainwater, using the side gutters.

They were built on 2 levels that are linked with steep stairs and the walls of these houses are washed with white lime ( a distinctive element of Itria Valley).


Locorotondo was one of the Itria Valley villages spared by the plague in the Middle Ages.

The white lime which covered the Cummerse protected this area but did you know that there is another village in Itria Valley famous all over the world for the white lime?

If you want to take a look, click and discover the stunning Ostuni, the White City!

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The Cummerse / Locorotondo / Puglia


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