Torre Colimena

Nature Reserve and Saline dei Monaci

The Dunes of Torre Colimena and the Nature Reserve of Saline dei Monaci is a distinctive area, located on the ionic coast of Puglia Region, Italy.

It’s perfectly positioned, close to Taranto City and the Punta Prosciutto Beach, mostly known as Puglia’s Maldives.


Saline dei Monaci | Nature Reserve east coast of Taranto

The Reserve of Saline dei Monaci, literally translated Salt pans of Monks, is a very small salty lake where, during the high tide, the sea water flows by a small canal.

This protected area is characterized by Mediterranean Maquis and many species of birds, indeed birdwatching is one of the main activities to practice enjoying the Reserve.

Mallards, swans, red and white herons and many others keep company to lots of beautiful pink flamingos which decided living here permanently.



Torre Colimena | Sandy Dunes

Behind the fence that draw the salt pans’ borders, there are the Dunes of Torre Colimena, a sandy family friendly beach.

This nice beach is distinguished by white sand and very low sea bed long for meters, so it’s the perfect beach for families want leave their children playing.

Just few meters from the beach and the reserve there’s the coastal tower which give the name to the intere location: Torre Colimena.

Torre Colimena is one of the coastal tower that has been better conserved in years, it’s completely intact and beautifully surrounded by prickly pears.


More information or to book a guided tour please contact the Managing Authority by the contact area below.

Nature Reserve east coast of Taranto Saline dei Monaci | Dunes of Torre Colimena