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Tasty Lecce food

L’Orecchietta is a cute fast food restaurant in the heartland of Salento, where you can taste the very local Lecce food contaminated by the innovative point of view of Lisetta, Antonio, Mino and Simona.

Behind this special place, there’s obviously a unique family who runs one of the most famous food firms in Salento since 1990.

Lisetta and L’Orecchietta

Lisetta is a businesslike and strong woman who had a great idea to keep all the knowledge her grandmother gave her and start her own business.

She learnt how to make the typical Apulian fresh hand-made pasta following the hands of her family’s women.

For years, before the automation, every Sunday, they met each other to make kilos and kilos of fresh pasta. It was a way to keep alive the tradition of Lecce food, and more realistically it was a way to get genuine food every Sunday during the family’s lunches.

When Lisetta realized to have got the art of making hand-made pasta, she also realized to have got a real treasure in her hands, so she started her business making fresh pasta for all the people of Guagnano.

Family knowledge inspires innovation

L’Orecchietta’s born as a homemade pasta work-shop and then, after years, became one of the best places where to eat the most typical and, at the same time, innovative Lecce food.

This incredible delicatessen hosts every summer tons of tourists from all around the world, many food bloggers and journalists told about it.

When the traditional knowledge of an Apulian family meets the innovation, the result is great, and its fame is already huge.

The Lisetta’s children Mino and Simona gave to the business that something extra. They are trying to fuse local and typical products with modern cuisine, making contemporary recipes using the old ways or the traditional Apulian raw materials.

Actually, the outcome of this fusion is sublime. We had the opportunity to also taste a lot of their courses. It was always a fantastic surprise.

From farm to table

However, nothing would be possible without the essential work of the sweet and nice father: Antonio.

He takes care of the family’s vegetable garden, where the business starts.

Indeed all the courses made at L’Orecchietta are made from genuine and homegrown vegetables and fruits.

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The jewel of Salento

L’Orecchietta is a reference to excellent and high-quality local specialties. But it is also a benchmark if you would like to buy the best wine of Salento and the whole of Puglia.

It also hosts some stocked shelves full of different kinds of wines, high-quality pasta, the most healthy and tasty extra virgin olive oil, and a lot of good preserves.

They normally collaborate with some local wineries for food and wine experiences and cooking events.

L’Orecchietta is a little jewel full of the best of precious stones of Puglia, and sitting in its cozy dining room is a perfect experience!

Typical Lecce food and delicacies, with fragrant wine, hospitality and congeniality are in the same place.

Then, if you’d love to taste the delicacies of L’Orecchietta, we recommend a cool and very chic Bed and Breakfast: Corte dei Furesi.

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