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We’re Daria and Roberto, and we’re going to tell you our story and something about ImaginApulia.

After owning a contemporary art gallery for years and a lot of studies, in 2015, it began a great experience abroad that changed our mindset and made us more aware of our native land, Puglia.

We lived for almost two years in cold and beautiful Finland, before in the north, about 200km far from the Arctic Circle, later in the historical capital city Turku, half Finnish, half Swedish and teeming with art and culture. Right there then, in the Finnish quiet and silence, the melancholy began. We discovered our Apulian personalities and got involved in imagining our trip to go back home. We started imagining Puglia how we would like it to be, we began writing a project to contribute to the development of the territory, exposing ourselves, being brave, and taking this huge challenge.

So, ImaginApulia was born. A new vision of Puglia, an innovative web portal being addressed to all Apulian tourist facilities, promotes the territory breaking down the communication barriers, supporting the self-made holiday planning enjoying typical Apulian experiences. Thanks to ImaginApulia, a new imaginary was built, made by uniqueness and authenticity for more responsible tourism.

We build imagination, communication, emotion, typicality. 
We believe in the transformative power of illustrations and images, their ability to simplify communications, inspire people, and elevate experiences. This is not just our work: it is our passion, that’s why we’re able to design different and unusual solutions for our customers. We get started on this adventure because we love to learn, listen, collaborate, and create. Here we’re just two (still), but due to the ImaginApulia’s community, we can be a lot of people, every one with his peculiarity.

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