Corte dei Furesi

Corte dei Furesi

Minimal chic Bed and Breakfast

Charming B&B in Puglia

Corte dei Furesi is a very charming B&B in Puglia, Guagnano (LE) to be precise. Its minimal chic style will catch you!

The name half Italian half “salentino” (the typically spoken dialect by people from Salento) of this Bed and Breakfast is meaningful.

It was built refurbishing three old houses that stood all-around a little shared vegetable garden. Local farmers owned the buildings, and one of those was a Rosato family ancestor.

The vegetable garden is nowadays the cornerstone of the B&B Corte dei Furesi. Indeed, its name literally means Courtyard of farmers, which gives a deep sense of belonging to the local culture.

  • A cozy garden at the B&B in Puglia Corte dei Furesi | Salento
  • Minimal chic B&B in Puglia Corte dei Furesi | Salento
  • A charming room at the B&B in Puglia Corte dei Furesi | Salento
  • Vintage chic details of the B&B in Puglia Corte dei Furesi | Salento
  • Cozy charming rooms at the B&B in Puglia Corte dei Furesi | Salento
  • Vintage minimal charming room at the B&B in Puglia Corte dei Furesi | Salento

This cozy and comfortable Bed and Breakfast is absolutely brand-new and fully furnished. It is one of the most beautiful and fancy B&B in Puglia, with its three rooms, the shared kitchen, and the courtyard.

The attention to detail, the importance of restoring old and vintage furniture, the desire to set up the charming rooms with handcrafted Apulian products, and the connection to the land are very significant values we feel to follow too.

If you’d spend your holidays at the B&B Corte dei Furesi, the Rosato family will hosts you with a big hug of warm hospitality.

Then after having a peaceful and relaxing night in excellent accommodation, you’ll taste an incredible homemade breakfast under the garden canopy.

Otherwise the gourmet delicatessen L’Orecchietta – also run by the Rosato family – is always available for B&B guests’ breakfast.

You’ll get very typical and local food, both sweet and savory, but normally following the seasonal homegrown products.

An authentic experience

Eating a good and abundant breakfast will give you the energy for starting the day exploring the locations nearby Guagnano.

Indeed, Corte dei Furesi is one of the best B&B in Puglia, located in a really strategic area.

It is really close to the magnificent Lecce, with its baroque churches and aristocratic buildings, as well as to some of the most famous beaches of Salento.

And just a tip: usually, to enjoy the beaches, natives use to go towards the Ionian coastline.

There, places like Porto Cesareo, Punta Prosciutto, and Torre Colimena await you, and you’ll surely fall in love with those!

After having a relaxing day by the sea, what’s better than a gastronomic tour at one of the Corte dei Furesi partner wineries?

Indeed, Guagnano, surrounded by many wineries, it is a perfect place where to spend your holidays if you’re a wine lover: it is the land of Negroamaro wine!

In conclusion, booking your holidays at Corte dei Furesi will give you the chance to live an authentic Apulian experience.

Peace and relaxation, good food and wine, stylishness, and hospitality are guaranteed!

Just fill the form below to get in touch with this fantastic B&B in Puglia, and then take a plane, come to enjoy this marvelous land.

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