Torre Guaceto

National Nature Reserve and Protected Marine Area

Torre Guaceto | Nature Reserve and Protected Marine Area

Torre Guaceto is a Nature Reserve and Protected Marine area located on the Adriatic Coast, in the area of Upper Salento and between Ostuni and Brindisi City.

Its name originates from the name of the coastal tower that, with the other apulian towers, protected the regional territory from potential invasions by the sea.


Many people visit the Reserve and the Marine Area to study and observe their fauna and flora.

The vegetation diversity of Mediterranean Maquis and the amount of different animal species offer the opportunity to enjoy many naturalistic sports.

Birdwatching, snorkeling and seawatching, trekking and ciclotrekkig, hiking and walking by the reserve are some of the many activities to do into Torre Guaceto area.


Othermore, for the sandy beaches and sun addicted, the Torre Guaceto’s beach “Punta Penna Grossa”, is a must to enjoy and relax in and maybe you’ll be lucky meeting up a beautiful giant sea turtle.



For more information or to book a guided tour please contact the Managing Authority Consorzio di Gestione di Torre Guaceto.

Contact them easily using the contact area below.

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Torre Guaceto | Nature Reserve and Protected Marine Area