Alberobello Trulli

Alberobello Trulli

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The original trulli town

Alberobello is a small village that is almost 50 km far from Bari. It stands on limestone rocks, and it is well known as one of the main towns of Itria Valley.

In 1996 the town became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That title has been conquered thanks to the beauty of Trulli, which are the typical white houses characterized by a conical stone roof.

Two of the most famous trulli are called “Casa D’Amore” and the “Siamese Trullo”. There’s even a Church built as a trullo! It is the Church of Saint Antonio.

The historical heart of this village is divided by the street “Largo Martellotta” (which used to be called Largo delle Fogge) in two zones: “Rione Monti” and “Rione Aia Piccola”, both recognized as Italian National Monument in 1910 and 1930.

When in Largo Martellotta, be sure you don’t miss the Belvedere: go up through the stairs, and a breathtaking panorama will appear in front of you!

una veduta dei trulli di alberobello dal belvedere
una caratteristica abitazione a trulli nel centro storico del sito unesco di alberobello

Beyond the magnificence of the architecture of Trulli, Alberobello is one of the main tourist attractions of Puglia, even in wintertime.

Lights, decorations, and the Nativity enhance its beauty at Christmastime, and since it’s located in the hinterland of Puglia, nowadays, it snows almost every year.

The snow falls just for a few days, usually in early January, but looking at the Trulli covered by a white coat, it seems to be in a fairy tale.

Meet the local culture

If you’re curious to meet the authentic Alberobello’s culture and dive into the real life of Trulli, you can visit the Museo del Territorio (Territory Museum) in “Casa Pezzola”: a group of 15 communicating rooms where tradition and technology get together to show history, habits, and folklore of the town.

Anyways, to enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest, we suggest you walk through the little streets, spotting and visiting the old Trulli, talk with locals and eat the typical delicious food.

una veduta aerea scattata con un drone dei trulli di alberobello

This small and unique town also has a long artisan tradition: walking across the streets, you can find shops with wrought iron objects, craftworks of olive wood, and linen garments.

Alberobello is also a great point to start a road trip to Puglia because of its position.

Going up North, you can visit Noci, Putignano, and Castellana Grotte. While going South, you can find Locorotondo, Martina Franca, and Cisternino, which are part of Itria Valley too.

Just out of curiosity, guess why the Trulli rooftops have that shape!

In the old days in Italy, there was a tax on the rooftops. So, you had to pay this tax on the number of rooftops you had got.

People from Alberobello had contrived a trick. They started to build their own houses with this conical roof made by stones wedged each other without any glue or concrete. In this way, they could disassemble the roofs anytime, especially when the tax inspector came.

They couldn’t know before that they were building those worldwide unique houses.

Start planning your trip to Alberobello now!

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The tale of the Two Sisters

Traveling on the Apulian Adriatic coastline, in a few km from Lecce city, you’ll reach the marine area of Torre dell’Orso and the most famous Two Sisters Beach | ita: Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle.

  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia
  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia
  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia
  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia

Are you curious to know something about that singular name?

Well, there is a nice and a bit sad tale behind the Two Sisters Beach | ita: Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle. This gives the location a huge air of mystery.

This marine area is very fascinating. Reachable walking through a little Mediterranean Maquis forest, under the cliffs there’s a sandy beach 800 meters long.

Slight white sand, clear turquoise seawater, warm enchanting sun, everything in the same stunning place.

But probably you’re still thinking about the tale, so, I’m going to tell the story.

The tale of the Sisters

« The tale says that once upon a time, two young sisters were living in the Salento area. They were very hard workers, and they had never seen the magnificence of the sea.

One day, to counteract the hot summer, they went toward the seaside for the first time. Well, they were so much fascinated by the amazing view they got there that the younger one dived from the cliff into the water. At that point, the eldest sister tried to save her, but it was too late.

They couldn’t get back to the shore. The Gods, looking at them: alone, desperate, and cute, decided to turn them into two beautiful rocky stacks in the middle of the sea.

A fisherman, while walking nearby, just saw two rocks rise from the sea. Since that day, the beach is known as Two Sisters Beach. »

The tale is very magical but a bit sad, and once there, it’s really hard to don’t get emotional.

Then, the clear seawater just completes the landscape.

Two Sisters Beach and Torre Dell’Orso

The Two Sisters Beach| ita: Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | is located in the marine area of MelendugnoTorre dell’Orso. For the sake of completeness, we have to say that also this name has got a charming little story.

In this case, the name Torre dell’Orso, which literally means Bear Tower, derives from the sighting tower by the sea.

Then, on the cliff under the tower, there’s a rock shaped like a bear by the erosion.

  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia
  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia
  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia
  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia
  • Two Sisters Beach - Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | Torre dell'Orso | Lecce | Salento | Puglia

One day trip

If you want to get a fantastic and cool experience traveling on the Adriatic coastline, start your trip having a good breakfast in Lecce.

We advise you to ask for a pasticiotto and a caffè leccese: you’ll love them from here to the moon and back!

Then, drive from Lecce to Roca Vecchia village, where the amazing Poetry Cave | ita: Grotta della Poesia | awaits you for a nice dive.

After that, run towards the Two Sisters Beach | ita: Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle | to get a relaxing swim into one of the most beautiful seas of Puglia.

In the end, reach Torre Sant’Andrea to admire the stunning view of The Sea Stacks of Sant’Andrea | ita: I Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea .

But if you have still time, don’t miss the weird landscape of the Bauxite Cave | ita: Cava di Bauxite | quite close to Otranto.

You can easily do this little itinerary on a one day trip. From the morning to the night on the southern Adriatic coastline of Puglia.

We did it and you find an article about our Road Trip in Salento on the blog!

Would you like to start your trip? Enjoy your One day trip to Salento!

Click on the map below to directly get the direction.

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