Sport & Fun archive is the virtual place where watch and dream your holidays in Puglia if you are a sporty person or just want live some carefree days –

Puglia Region has got 865 km of coast of which the 98% among sandy and rocky beach.

Furthermore the Puglia’s hinterland is characterized by hills, mountains and valleys.

All of these infos mean that practicing sports in Puglia is easy and gives you an unforgettable experience.

Are you a water sports lover or a ground sports lover?

Snorkelling, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, surf and many other water sports are waiting for you by the seaside.

Walking, bike tours, trekking, hiking, golf, bird watching and a lot of other activities are available in the hinterland or into the many nature reserves of Puglia.

Sport and Fun archive will allowed you to plan your activities and experiences in this amazing and heterogeneous territory.

Then, during the all night long night clubs and discos are ready for your dance steps!

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