Street food in Puglia: eating around

As you probably yet know, Puglia is well known for its food, but there are some specialties that more than others are important to know if you’re planning to walk around our region.

We’re about to reveal you the magic world of street food in Puglia!

6 specialties of street food in Puglia


Focaccia is a leavened baked bread and seasoned with tomatoes, olives, oregano and extra virgin olive oil.

Walking around Puglia, you may find different kinds of focaccia: for example, in Bari the tradition wants it to be thin, while in Altamura it’s taller.

• I wrote an article about how to make Focaccia with the traditional recipe if you want to learn how to make it before coming to Puglia •

In Salento (the southernmost part of Puglia) focaccia is made from two layers of mashed potatoes filled with black olives, tomatoes and onions. We suggest you to choose your favorite one tasting them all!


The panzerotto is another gastronomic specialty that you can find in the bakery as street food in Puglia.

We’re talking about a circle of filled dough, closed on itself to form a half-moon. The traditional one is filled with tomato and mozzarella, but you can also find it filled with meat, ricotta cheese, onions or many other ingredients.

But, if you’re in Salento and would love to taste a panzerotto, ask for a calzone!


The rustico is typical of Lecce and it’s a crispy dough of puff pastry stuffed with béchamel, tomato and mozzarella. Locals eat it from breakfast to dinner.


Puccia is a stuffed bun, made of the same dough of pizza.

In Lecce it is usually stuffed with vegetables like aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, wild chicory and cheese, while in Taranto and Foggia it’s richer and filled with meat or ham, scamorza cheese, fries, tomatoes and salad.


One of the biggest specialty of street food in Puglia are the crunchy polenta flakes called sgagliozze in Bari and scagliozzi in Foggia: eat them hot and with a pinch of salt to taste the original recipe.


Another very simple but tasty typical street food in Puglia is popizze, also known as pettole.

They’re little balls of the same fried dough of panzerotto, but they’re not stuffed.

Raw fish

Walking along the seafront of Bari, you’ll meet some fishermen that will offer you raw fish to eat right there. Eating raw octopus, squids and mussels it’s a big tradition in the capital city of the region.

If you’re not used to raw fish it’s better you don’t try it, but we suggest you take a walk between the fishmongers anyways, to breath the atmosphere.

Sweet street food

Talking about street food in Puglia, sweets deserve a special mention, starting from pasticciotto, shortcrust pastry filled with custard and black cherry, born in Lecce.

Another incredible goody from our region is the passionata, typical of the city of Troia, in the area of Daunia Mountains. It is a shell of almond paste which contains a sweet ricotta heart.

Once you eat one of them it will remain in your dreams forever, as the tetta della monaca (the traditional sarcastic name that sounds like “nun’s boob”) a soft sponge cake gently filled with Chantilly cream, typical of Altamura.

If you love street food, in Puglia you’ll find a lot of possibilities to eat salty and sweet snacks, so don’t wait, plan your trip now with us!

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