Cala Monachile | Polignano a Mare

Charming free beach in Polignano a Mare

Cala Monachile the beach in the city centre of Polignano a Mare

Located in the middle of the city centre of Polignano a Mare, the charming free little beach of Cala Monachile or Lama Monachile is wrapped up by two magnificent rocky cliffs.

This characteristic shape makes this, one of the best places in Puglia, definitely!

Cala Monachile is very famous for its charm. But, mostly because this bay – featured by a lot of white, round pebbles – gives an amazing, clear, turquoise and very clean sea.

This little beach gets every year the national blue flag, which means here there’s a perfect sea.

The location and the Roman bridge

Cala Monachile or Lama Monachile is situated in one of the natural geological water crack, typical of the Puglia’s karst territory.

Indeed this area, as well as the entire Apulian coast, is full of caves which are very interesting if you’re a lover of geological and natural matters.

Anyway Cala Monachile is one of the main attractive places of Polignano a Mare.

The view of Cala Monachile is enjoyable from the Roman bridge behind the bay.

The Roman bridge is located just on the the natural crack and comes across the historic Via Traiana.

The romantic town of Polignano a Mare

Actually it’s almost expected that the incredible panorama of Cala Monachile was located in the beautiful, stunning and awesome town of Polignano a Mare.

Maybe you don’t know yet, but it is something you cannot forget easily.

Polignano a Mare is the romantic town par excellence of Puglia, at least so far.

Citizens work together everyday for keeping it colorful, romantic and clean in order to give the best appearance of Polignano and increase the tourism.

People decorate their own places with colorful flowers and they keep the streets tidy and clean.

Then, there’s a Poet that, inspired by the sea and the beautiful narrow streets, started to write poems all around the town.

Walls, stairs, often walking trough the streets of Polignano a Mare you’ll meet romantic and evocative poems.

Restaurants, high quality accommodation and The Red Bull Cliff Diving

All around Cala Monachile and actually in the whole Polignano a Mare, there’re a lot of restaurants, pizzeria, wine bar and night clubs.

Here you’ll have some very tasty local food and wine and, obviously, a lot of fun. Furthermore this little town is also fully equipped with high quality accommodations for your holidays.

Concluding, every year, since ten years ago, Cala Monachile hosts a great sport competition: the Red Bull Cliff Diving.

During the Red Bull Final World Series the best divers of the world will face each other diving from one of the greatest location of Europe and United States.

Further information

Enjoying this little beach is free of charge, even during the Red Bull Cliff Diving.

For more info about the sport competition visit the proper web site.

Then if you would like to plan a tour at Polignano a Mare, please contact the Tourist Info Point directly by the contact area below.

Otherwise visit the Municipality official web site.

Cala Monachile - Lama Monachile | 70044 Polignano a Mare (BA)