Aulìa Treehouse

Aulìa Treehouse

Eco-friendly treehouse in Puglia, Italy

Aulìa, eco-design treehouse in Italy

Have you ever slept in a treehouse? Well, the experience is something exceptional!

Just imagine a typical Apulian olive trees grove spotted by beautiful and super functional wooden treehouses… is that kind of thing you don’t see every day, especially in Italy, or worst in Puglia!

From this very ambitious and innovative idea comes Aulìa Treehouse: an eco-village in Puglia made of tiny environmentally friendly treehouses. The treehouses here are designed by three different architects who are used to eco-friendly projects.

These are indeed the only treehouses in Italy having this peculiarity!

Holidays on the olive trees

The eco-village of Aulìa Treehouse is born in 2020 – during a worldwide pandemic – in the heart of Puglia, at San Vito dei Normanni accurately, a cute village in the Brindisi province. It is in the area that we call “Alto Salento: High Salento.

This area is actually full of olive trees grove: it’s really amazing!

That’s why Anna and Mino, a sweet couple from San Vito dei Normanni, decided to build their eco-village here: the place where they were born and the land of the olive trees.

When you hear about a treehouse in Italy, you can often refer to the luxurious and huge treehouses in Northern Italy. Usually, they are built into woods or forests, stunning, as well as olive groves, but totally different from the Apulian scenario.

The project behind Aulìa Treehouse is very ambitious.

Unfortunately, they are having some bureaucracy issues, so after two years they’re still not able to host guests in this fabulous place.

We’ve been in contact with them for such a long time, they’re clients and friends for us, genuine and nice people. So, we wish them lots of luck for future, we wish their dream comes true soon.

We sincerely believe Puglia needs Aulìa Treehouse to improve its tourism offer and local experience!

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Aulìa Treehouse | San Vito dei Normanni, Brindisi


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