At the Aia

At the Aia

Relaxation and meditation in the best Puglia retreats

Almost like California

Southern Puglia, the land we call Salento, is the favorite place for Americans who need to change their life. Maybe it’s better to say, who needs to live a good life!

Salento indeed hosts the biggest American community of Puglia. They fall in love with the sun, with the richness of biodiversity, with the lifestyle: slow and peaceful. Almost like California but with low prices!

These were the reasons that dropped Giulia in Puglia, in Salento to be fair. She came in 2016 and opened: At the Aia, a country house famous for its Puglia retreats!

If you’re curious about Giulia’s story and why she decided to change her life by moving from New York City to Nardò, so watch the video below we made with her last summer!

Meditative Puglia retreats

At the Aia” is located in the countryside of Nardò: a really flourishing village on the Ionian coast of Salento, quite close to the most famous Gallipoli.

It is a wonderful place, surrounded by nature, olive and fruit groves where you can live the best relaxing and meditative moments of your life.

Yes, because the Puglia retreats designed by Giulia are actual meditation experiences characterized by the best Apulian food, yoga classes, massages, acupuncture, and slow living.

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So, if you’re interested in diving into her special Puglia retreats: contact At the Aia and book your stay!

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At the Aia | Nardò, Lecce


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