Luxury flats in Polignano a Mare

Luxury flats with private pools

Cinquevite is an adorable residence fitted out with five beautiful, elegant, and luxury flats in a Nineteenth-Century palace, in Polignano a Mare, Puglia.

Not just rooms, but luxury and smarts suites. Thanks to building automation, you will set your flat on your needs and living relaxing days in Polignano.

Moreover, the flats are equipped with a private bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and something special I’m going to tell you now!

  • The bedroom with private pool in one of the five luxury flats at Cinquevite in Polignano a Mare | Puglia
  • A detail of a private pool in the bedroom in one of the five luxury flats at Cinquevite in Polignano a Mare | Puglia
  • Kitchen and living room of one of the five luxury flats at Cinquevite in Polignano a Mare | Puglia
  • The bedroom in one of the five luxury flats at Cinquevite in Polignano a Mare | Puglia
  • Terrace and breakfast hall at Cinquevite luxury flats at Polignano a Mare | Puglia

Private pools and contemporary style

The fascinating contrast between contemporary design and ancient materials is what makes Cinquevite so unique.

Indeed, the typical old fashioned floors and tuff vaults are totally in harmony with delicate colors and natural elements like wood and water.

Yes, water! Two of these incredible suites are featured by a heated private pool in the bedroom, something special for a romantic holiday in Puglia.

The attention to detail of these five luxury flats is the main core of Cinquevite.

Then, the cute terrace where you can have fun in the swimming pool, taking the sun, and eat a tasty breakfast completes the scenery.

Authentic Apulian experiences

Choosing one of these elegant luxury flats as your accommodation means also living a great experience immersed in the local and authentic Apulian culture.

To give a perfect luxury experience, the staff of Cinquevite offers an action-packed stay full of memorable activities.

Bike, rickshaw, and ape car tours all around the narrow streets of Polignano a Mare discovering the famous balconies that overlook the sea.

An unforgettable boat ride along the breath-taking coastline to marvel at the beauty of the alluring and mysterious sea caves.

The traditional fresh pasta and the typical Apulian dishes await you in a cooking class. As well as the tours through the centuries-old olive trees will give you the chance to admire something unique in the whole world.

Then for the wine lovers, Puglia always gives great feelings finding out all about the traditional Apulian wine-making at a local vineyard.

The beauties of Polignano a Mare

In conclusion, Polignano will catch you with its beauty.

The charming historical center, the balconies which overlook the incredible sea of Puglia, the beaches, and obviously the typical food are all the things you’ll enjoy in this little town.

Few steps far from Cinquevite stands Cala Monachile beach, one of the best and famous places of Puglia.

Every year the Red Bull Organization chooses the Cala Monachile cliff to host the most relevant worldwide diving competition: Red Bull Cliff Diving.

Instead, if you’re an art and culture lover, Polignano hosts the Pino Pascali Art Foundation, one of the best contemporary art galleries and museums of Puglia.

To get in touch with the staff of Cinquevite and book one of its fantastic luxury flats, just fill in the form below.

Enjoy your journey and Puglia!

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