Parco Rurale

Parco Rurale

The Archaeological Park and the Rural Museum of Masseria Spina Resort

Archaeological Park and Museum

Parco Rurale is the Archaeological Park and the Rural Museum of the most famous Masseria Spina Resort. An amazing place where ancient history, pristine nature, and local experiences blend harmoniously.

This rural park surrounds Masseria Spina: located in the countryside of Monopoli, which is one of the best little sea towns on the coast from Bari to Lecce.

A three centuries long story

The most fascinating thing about Parco Rurale is that it tells a three centuries long story.

The park is divided into different areas, first of all, you can visit the millenary olive trees grove of the property.

It is a beautiful yard also available for private parties and country-style weddings.

But if we can suggest you: try to spend a bit of your time looking at the fantastic olive trees trunks. It could be something really special for you if you’ve never seen an Apulian millenary olive tree.

Going on with your walking tour in the property of Parco Rurale and Masseria Spina, you’ll find “Spina Piccola”. It is the old sighting tower of the ancient farm, with the stable, full of horse tools used by the Masseria ancestors.

After “Spina Piccola” another highlight of Parco Rurale is the rupestrian oil mill. Actually, it is very common in Puglia, but this one is huge because it was used to produce the oil (before) and the silk (later) of the entire property.

Some other beautiful spots await you at Parco Rurale, but we won’t spoil everything about this place.

So, you need to book your visit here once in Puglia!

Parco Rurale local experiences

Wait! It’s not over!

Cultural stuff is interesting and cool, but what about living local and authentic experiences?

At Parco Rural you can also:

  • taste good local and crafted wine
  • taste the Masseria Spina extra virgin olive oil
  • participate in a fresh pasta-making class
  • book a full immersion local food and drink experience.

One special place to feel the importance of roots and history, but also to enjoy the real taste of Puglia!

Contact them!

As you can see, Parco Rurale is a stunning and eclectic place. We suggest booking your stay at Masseria Spina Resort, which if you don’t know yet, you can visit here. After that book, your walking tour through the property and the full immersion experience in the local lifestyle!

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Parco Rurale | Masseria Spina Resort | Monopoli (BA)


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