Puglia senza ostacoli

Puglia senza ostacoli

Disability travel

Travelling in the whole Puglia with disabilities

Puglia is well known for its spirit of hospitality, but the guys from the association Puglia senza ostacoli (Puglia without obstacles) do something more: they take care of giving a perfect welcome to people with disabilities.

Puglia senza ostacoli claims there’s “a Puglia for everyone” and so it shows.

This incredible association for social advancement is located in the town of Foggia in the middle of the Apulian Tableland. Anyway, it works to people with disabilities travelling in the whole Puglia. Not only useful suggestions about hotels with facilities for disabled, but also some cultural experiences built on their needs, organized as themed mini tours.

  • Making biscuits in Bovino with Puglia senza ostacoli.
  • Disabled friendly hiking tours with Puglia senza ostacoli.
  • Puglia senza ostacoli, learning art and culture.
  • Art experiences with Puglia senza ostacoli.
  • Disabled friendly experiences with Peppe Zullo and Puglia senza ostacoli.
  • Puglia senza ostacoli, disability travel at Peppe Zullo restaurant.
  • Puglia senza ostacoli, genuine food with Peppe Zullo.
  • Disabled friendly guided tours with Peppe Zullo and Puglia senza ostacoli.

Guided tours and experiences

They all are amazing and give their support to everyone who wants to enjoy Puglia to the fullest, putting aside mental and architectural barriers, and giving access to the main centers of Apulian art, as well as the best experiences with animals and nature and delicious food tours.

Do you want an example? With Puglia senza ostacoli you can finally visit with your friends with disabilities even the Castellana Caves (Grotte di Castellana), a magnificent karst cave rising 330 meters above sea level, whose formation dates back to ninety-one hundred million years ago.

Moreover, this association is also able to plan very interesting disabled friendly guided tours across the many villages of Daunia Mountains, visiting the smallest village of Puglia Celle San Vito or one of the Best villages of Italy Bovino.

As you can see, when we say that everybody is welcome in Puglia we really mean it.

If you are planning a trip in Puglia and you or one of your travel friends have disabilities, contact Puglia senza ostacoli for further information, filling in the contact form below.

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