Rocca del Garagnone

Archaeological site

Rocca del Garagnone, the Invisible Castle.

The Archaeological site Rocca del Garagnone consists of a Medieval Castle ruins.

The Rocca del Garagnone has been also denominated Invisible Castle, because, built by the rocks of the Puglia’s Appenine Range, it was completely camouflaged into he landscape.

Moreover it has been partly destroyed due to the earthquake of 1731, but refurbished by Federico II and renominated as Domus, considering its purpose about the agriculture and pastoralism management.

Located in the National Park of Alta Murgia, the Rocca del Garagnone stands in a beautiful territory.

Here the pastoralism is still the main economical activity and it so usual to meet the flocks during the “transumanza” or the typical enclosures denominated “Jazzi” built by little pieces of rocks artfully fitted without any cement.

Furthermore, it’s quite close to some important cities like Altamura, Gravina in Puglia or Andria as well as to some other very interesting sites.

Nearby, just some kilometers far from it, there’s the Bauxite Cave of Spinazzola, also located in the middle of National Park of Alta Murgia.

Instead, going a bit towards nord-east direction another Castle is waiting to be visited: Castel del Monte, located in the surrounding area of Andria city.

The Rocca del Garagnone is a perferct hiking, trekking and cycling site for people who loves nature and history at the same time.

The uncontaminated nature around it, gives a lot of great sensations, colors and fragrances which come from the natural vegetation, among which there is the “ferula”, a typical plant of the Alta Murgia.

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