UNPLI Puglia

UNPLI Puglia

Unione Nazionale Pro Loco d'Italia

The Puglia traditions keepers

UNPLI Puglia is the acronym of “Unione Nazionale Pro Loco d’Italia”: in this case, the Union of the Pro Loco in the Land of Puglia, which are associations focused on the promotion of the Puglia traditions and folklore.

We know, it could sound weird, but here in Italy, tradition, folklore, and culture are very important matters. To keep and preserve them, in each region and almost in each municipality, there are the Pro Loco Associations.

The Apulian culture is so rich, that there are different traditions and lifestyles, from north to south. But this is also the amazing thing about Puglia! Don’t you think?

The role of UNPLI Puglia indeed is to pass on, generation by generation, the dialects, the typical meals, the religious traditions, the folklore, everything that makes Puglia so great!

From North to South of Puglia

UNPLI Puglia is divided into 14 delegations, starting from Northern Puglia to the South:

  • Gargano
  • Tavoliere
  • Monti Dauni
  • Peucetia Nord
  • Peucetia Sud
  • Murge e Gravine
  • Magna Grecia
  • Valle D’Itria
  • Alto Salento
  • Lecce
  • Messapia
  • Finibus Terrae
  • Grecìa Salentina
  • Ionia

Each delegation tells a different story and different traditions. After making the Regional video spot for UNPLI Puglia, we started the little video spots for each delegation, we’ve made 4 of them so far.

You can find them below and fall in love with the land of Puglia!

We are very glad to support them with our expertise and knowledge in making some video content. We have common purposes, we both love our land, and we promote Puglia unconditionally.

Working with UNPLI Puglia we had the chance to live some of the best local experiences ever and to get in touch with some Puglia traditions that we didn’t know before.

Contact them!

As a suggestion, if you’d love to visit a place in Puglia, or you need a piece of information about the local festivals, try to contact the Pro Loco associations. Normally, they are experts of the land they are in charge of, so don’t hesitate to contact the Pro Loco of “add any town or village of Puglia”.

By the form below you’ll contact the regional UNPLI, so pretty general on the region and less focused on specific territories. Contact them if you’re interested in information about the whole Puglia traditions, folklore, or culture!

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You find all the conversations you made via ImaginApulia, like comments and massages by contact form, on the Your Connections page.

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UNPLI Puglia | Ruvo di Puglia, Bari


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