Villa San Martino

Villa San Martino

5 stars luxury hotel in Puglia

A gem set in Itria Valley

In the heart of Puglia, there’s a magical place known as Itria Valley, which is the Apulian land of art, local culture, and traditions.

Here, where the best natural landscapes meet the most typical food, stands Villa San Martino, one of the best charming 5 stars luxury hotels in Puglia.

Villa San Martino is located in the countryside of Martina Franca, the province of Taranto.

This little village is famous for its fabulous history which had its main glory during the Baroque era. In fact, Martina Franca is characterized by its charming and fascinating Baroque buildings and the most famous Church dedicated to Saint Martin.

This small village in the Itria Valley is the perfect place to host this luxury hotel full of relaxing corners and romantic beauty.

Lux and charme in Puglia

Villa San Martino was born as a family country house. Now, it is a wonderful resort with a gourmet restaurant, a SPA, and a private pool and a huge garden, where you can still feel the family atmosphere and warm hospitality.

From a rich international breakfast to your bedtime you’ll be pampered in every need.

The professional staff of Villa San Martino is available to satisfy all your requirements!

During the last year, in 2021, they’ve launched a new spin-off project: Il Trullo da Ninò Restaurant.

In the same luxury scenario, indeed, you can also find a very typical corner characterized by a Trullo where you’ll have a chance to taste the local food and delicacies.

5 stars luxury wedding venue

It’s easy to fall in love with this fabulous location. Villa San Martino, surrounded by nature and charm, is one of the best wedding venues of Itria Valley and the whole Puglia indeed.

The garden will host your ceremony and the staff will work to set up your wonderful Italian-style wedding in a luxurious backdrop.
But, as we said, beyond being a 5 stars luxury hotel in Puglia, Villa San Martino gives you also the chance to enjoy a pre-wedding party in a traditional Trullo. Isn’t this amazing?

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