Brindisi is part of Salento, the lowest area of Puglia Region.

Its port is one of the most important tourist and commercial hub overlooking the Adriatic Sea, but, when it comes to connections, Brindisi can count also on the International Airport of Salento, just five kilometers away from the city.

Your trip to Brindisi should start with a walk on the waterfront Regina Margherita, that will lead you to admire the Roman columns, that originally indicated the end of the Appian Way, and the Scalinata Virgiliana, the stone stairway named after the poet who died in the ancient Brindisium.

Right there you can find the Salvatore Faldetta Archaeological Museum, with a collection of almost 350 archeological finds.

Watching around the old Brindisi, you can notice the remains of the walls that surrounded the original city in the ancient times. Porta Mesagne, also known as Porta Napoli, is the oldest door built in Roman age, while the bastion that follows the door has been built in the Aragonese era.

Moving from the seafront to the intern of the city, you can then go to Piazza Duomo where you can find the Cathedral, dating back to 1143. Along the way don’t miss a visit to Francesco Ribezzo Archeological Museum, dedicated to the famous researcher of Messapian civilization.

After a day full of culture, you would probably enjoy a night tasting the local food in Largo Concordia, one of the main square with pubs and restaurants, and the near streets.

There’s always time for a puccia, a traditional soft bread to stuff with any kind of delicacies – we recommend you to try it with fish or vegetables, top Apulian specialties.

A wonderful place to visit in the nearby area of Brindisi is the protected nature reserve of Torre Guaceto, with its pristine beach just half an hour by car away from the city.

More beautiful beaches can be found, moving away a few more kilometers from the city, in the area of Ostuni and Savelletri.

Can’t wait to see Brindisi with your own eyes? Plan now your trip in Puglia!

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