Christmas lights in Puglia

artisanship and technology

During the holiday season everybody looks for big shows of lights and colors made by artisans and artists, but in Puglia beautiful lighted festoons may surprise you even in the smallest streets, so be prepared to be amazed by Christmas lights in Puglia!

Christmas lights in Puglia are everywhere

You will find Christmas lights in Puglia anywhere, from the balcony of the smallest house to the main street of the city, that’s because Christmas in Puglia is a very special moment.

There are some cities that decorated their buildings and streets with marvelous lights that draw authentic pieces of art, thanks to their long tradition of artisanship, let’s see some of them!

Alberobello, lights around the trulli

One of the biggest attractions when it comes to Christmas lights in Puglia is Alberobello, recognized as one of the rare UNESCO World Heritage.

Walking through the Rione Monti of the town during the holidays, you’ll see spectacular decorations and games of lights projected on the characteristics cone-roofed houses called trulli, in a magic meeting between tradition and technology.

Scorrano, world capital of luminarie

Scorrano, nearby Lecce, is also known as the world capital of luminarie, the traditional lightings born to be part of the Patron Saint’s town celebration.

The town held a Festival of Lights every year in July, but during the Christmas holidays it also shows some of its most spectacular works.

Art and nature join Christmas lights in Puglia

Ruvo di Puglia from last years has joined the tradition of Christmas lights in Puglia, donating incredible lights shows to the eyes of locals and tourists.

In Polignano a Mare it’s also very suggestive to see how lights have been combined with nature, bringing luminous Christmas trees even on Cala Monachile, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world.

So, if you’re looking for wonder, don’t miss the show of Christmas lights in Puglia – and if you are an Instagram lover and you are looking for the perfect set for a nice Christmas-themed photo to make all your friends go envy, remember to put Puglia as next stop on your map!

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