Pietro Verna

Singer and songwriter in Puglia

The poetical style of a songwriter.

Pietro Verna is a young singer and songwriter, quite well-established into the songwriting scene in Puglia.

His music is very close to the Italian songwriting tradition. Indeed during his concerts he also sings songs written by the most famous Italian songwriters and singers, like Paolo Conte, Lucio Battisti, Lucio Dalla, Fabio Concato and much more.

But most important about his career are his own albums, written and sung by himself.

First he’s been writing “Ritratti” and then, the last “A piedi nudi”, both masterpieces for the songwriting scene.

Moreover, here you can listen to two songs: “Pomeriggio” and “Primavera”, from the album “A piedi nudi” and watch the official video clips we made for him.

Pomeriggio | A piedi nudi

Primavera | A piedi nudi

The Pietro Verna’s poetry and romantic view of life, are what moves his hands and heart in composition.

The songwriting scene in Puglia is glad to have got such a great singer and songwriter like him, his concerts are always very moving thanks to his intense and deep voice timbre.

Pietro plays a lot during the year in the whole Italy, so watch the videos and follow him during his tours.

Find out more infos following his fan page on Facebook.

If you want to know more about his music and concerts, please contact him directly by the contact form below.

Pietro Verna | Songwriter in Puglia

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