Trip Mentors of Puglia

Puglia’s Trip Mentor...

Puglia’s Trip Mentor are ImaginApulia’s ambassadors.

They are voluntary people who want to practice one or more foreigner languages, who like to drive tourists through the streets of their own city and just enjoy the cultural exchange.

The Trip Mentors are not the proper and official guides.

Puglia’s Trip Mentors will probably bring tourists in a special local restaurant, where they can taste the typical apulian food, or in a secret place that doesn’t appear in the tourist guidebooks.

If you want to be a Mentor, don’t be shy, make a video and let the tourist choose you.

Tourists thanks to the support of a Mentor could live a very authentic experience, moreover could be great to know personally an Italian and understand the apulian culture.

Puglia’s Trip Mentors are natives and they know the tips and tricks.

If you are a tourist browse on this section to cherry-pick your best mentor.

  •  You should know that the Trip Mentors are not official tourist guides.
  •  They will help you hanging around a city, a village or cultural and natural sites.
  •  Watch the videos in which the Trip Mentors introduce themselves filtering by cities or areas.
  •  Choose the Mentor you like and contact him directly by the contacts below the video.
  •  Never pay the Mentor! They are voluntaries and the choice to support you it’s up on them, none force them, none is asking them to work for free, it’s just fun for them.
  •  But if you want, if you liked him, if you’re thankful and if you appreciated his willingness escorting you, then, you can offer him a lunch or dinner, an ice-cream or even an hug.
  •  ImaginApulia has no responsibility if the Mentor turns out like a bad person or bring you in a bad place. Trusting him or not it’s your decision, make your choice  following what you feel contacting him. But please, run to the police station and contact us if something like this happens, will see to remove him from the Mentors’ list.

Enjoy your trip in Puglia!

  •  Make a video talking about yourself, what you like and what you’ll do for a tourist, don’t be shy.
  •  You have just 30 sec. to say your name, your age, where you are, which are your passions, which languages you’re able to speak and where you’ll bring the tourist.
  •  Obviously make the video in English language or in the language you know.
  •  Send us the video by email and write a small cover letter. If your video won’t follow these rules we’re totally free to don’t publish it on
  •  Asking for money to the tourists is forbidden!
  •  Be a Mentor just if you love the cultural exchange, you love the apulian territory and you want to practice a foreigner language.
  •  ImaginApulia has no responsibility if a tourist turns out like a bad person or bring you in a bad place. Trusting him or not it’s your decision, make your choice following what you feel when he’ll contact you. But please contact us if something like this happens and run to the police station.

Enjoy your exchange!

Name: Aldo Campanelli

Location: Bari, Palo del Colle


Interests: social innovation, game design, art and culture. Co-founder of Tou.Play game tours agency.