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Alta Murgia more than an usual park

The Puglia Region is characterized by many forests and naturalistic sites. The National Park of Alta Murgia is an amazing example of that.

The Alta Murgia is a breathtaking curvy area located in the middle of the Land of Bari indeed. It is a limestone block emerged 70 million years ago and its hills even got about 600 meters altitude.

The position and the peculiarities of the National Park give to travelers the chance to admire incredible landscapes at sunrise or sunset.

Actually many photographers come to the Alta Murgia for this purpose. If you take your time you’ll shoot great pics. Landscapes, vegetation and animals are often the perfect subjects, not just for landscape photos, but also for macro and details.

Hiking and trekking across the Alta Murgia hills

These hills have a lot to offer to travelers. Indeed, they are also a very interesting location for trekking and hiking lovers.

The National Park of Alta Murgia expands for a big area and it is sprinkled by a lot of Masserie, Jazzi and Poste.

So, walking or cycling through the land is an awesome and authentic experience. You’ll probably meet a Masseria: an old farm where in the old days farmers lived and worked. Or maybe you’ll find out kind of stone fences where the sheeps grazed, in Puglia known as Jazzi and Poste.

Nowadays this structures are almost all abandoned, but they’re still part of the Apulian culture and patrimony.

Normally, people who likes practice trekking or cycling loves to experience the Alta Murgia Park. This slow travel way is perfect to enjoy its natural beauties.

Local food and culture made in Puglia

While exploring the park is easy to catch the bond with the Apulian culture. Furthermore the National Park of Alta Murgia has also an important connection with food tradition.

It’s a naturalistic site, full of vegetation, mushrooms and animals species, but it also touches many towns and villages. In Puglia people are very traditional, especially speaking about local food. Even in the smaller villages is full of bakeries and farms, where to buy genuine local and (why not) organic food.

The Alta Murgia is quite famous for some of its typical food products. Examples of those, are many types of cheese among which the “big ball” (Pallone) made in Gravina in Puglia stands out.

Moreover the delicious bread made in Altamura has the protected designation of origin, that gives to this incredible product a quality certification.

Don’t miss to visit the points of interest nearby

Well, we advice, as original Apulians, to spend some days of your holidays in Puglia exploring and traveling across the National Park of Alta Murgia.

After having a charming naturalistic itinerary, have a break in one of the Alta Murgia towns. Going in a typical bakery or restaurant, you can certainly take a delicious local lunch, afterward run to visit the points of interest scattered around the Park.

Yes, because the park embraces also two of the most important cultural sites of the Land of Bari.

We’re speaking about the magnificent Castel del Monte and the Archaeological site of Rocca del Garagnone. Two considerable buildings founded by Frederick II which loved Puglia and its culture.

Some of the pictures you can watch in this page have been shot during a few hiking tours we had in the last year.

These have been taken in the Mercadante Forest and in The Monte Cucco Woods, but also simply hanging around and enjoying the whole Park.

Then, we love food! We obviously had a little stop in a typical bakery, to savor a piece of focaccia and bring at home an Altamura loaf of bread.

We always advice to make your own itinerary thinking about your needs and what you really love.

Explore the National Park on four seasons

The Alta Murgia area can give a lot, especially during spring, summer and fall time. Differently winter is the season of “hibernation” when animals and vegetation fall in sleep. During summer time the wheat has picked up by the farmers and the countrysides are full of hay bales everywhere.

A breathtaking show without any comparison.

Instead, whether in spring the hills are colorfully and flowered, then in fall season the grape harvest awaits you for amazing experiences.

Anyway, before coming or if you’re already in Puglia, take a look of our Weather page. Browse on that section filtering by Locations or Cities. To know something more about the weather at the National Park of Alta Murgia, click on Land of Bari and chose the town more close to you.

Further information

If you want to plan a day trip across the National Park of Alta Murgia, please contact the Managing Authority via the contact area below.

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