Bauxite Cave of Spinazzola

red rocks in the National Park of Alta Murgia

The Bauxite Cave of Spinazzola | National Park of Alta Murgia

The Bauxite Cave of Spinazzola is a neglected Cave located in the National Park of Alta Murgia, in the Land of Bari.

As well as the Bauxite Cave of Otranto, this site is characterized by the dark red rocky walls, given by the vein of Bauxite.

It’s completely crossable and walking on it, across the vegetation, is a very awesome experience.

If you are a nature lover and like to practice trekking, the Bauxite Cave of Spinazzola should be on your itinerary.

It’s easily reachable and quite close to other important points of interest.

It’s very close to the Archeological site of Rocca del Garagnone and Castel del Monte.

Moreover, nearby you’ll find out cities like Minervino Murge, Gravina in Puglia, Altamura and obviously Spinazzola.

So, put your trekking shoes on and get down through the Bauxite Cave of Spinazzola.

Please, for more information or to arrange a guided tour contact the Managing Authority using the contact area below.

Bauxite Cave | Senarico, SP138, 76014 Spinazzola BT